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Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot / Стой! Или моя мама будет стрелять (1992)

Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot / Стой! Или моя мама будет стрелять (1992)

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Joe Bomowski Sergeant of police of Los Angeles. All the time he devotes to his job, and therefore lives alone. However, his life has completely flipped after it comes to his mother. Pretty woman, Tutti from tidying up bachelor life son and begins to set the rules. Joe is not happy with what is happening, but he had no idea that things could be much worse. One day, tutti witnesses a murder and she has a desire to understand. It requires the son to allow her to take part in the investigation, what gets rejected. However, arriving at work, Joe finds out from his boss-friend that he has a new partner...


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