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That Sugar Film / Сахар (2014)

That Sugar Film / Сахар (2014)

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See the truth about sugar, "healthy eating", which we continually convinces. The consumer society swallows the food, not really slimming, and causing obesity. Damon Gameau – actor and Director from Australia sets up an experiment, which removed the camera.
Damon eats only foods labeled "the healthiest" ("healthy"), and as a result, his weight starts to increase rapidly. In the diet of Damon during the experiment include the so-called fresh juices, muesli, yogurt low fat and other "useful" food.
Watch what happens to the body of Damon, a young man, which before did not exist the problem of excess weight. The film will tell the truth, based on what industry the food industry how harmful sugar from supermarket shelves should be avoided. Perhaps the film will change your view on healthy and wholesome food...


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