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The film became one of the masterpieces of the American, and that prevaricate, world cinema. Light pattern already seen in the distant 1997. David Fincher, who is also director of the painting, made the audience enjoy his creation, and simply stirred up the critics his masterpiece. And in the lead role made consummate actor, incredibly charismatic man - Michael Douglas. The film reveals the golden truth forcing us to realize that not everything in the world revolves around money, and there are other values. Nicholas Van Orton - a man of success. It is rich, irresistible in the eyes of women, envy him, he just flies through life. A distinctive feature is its ability to maintain control of any situation, and the ability to keep abreast of the events taking place around, and if you need to manipulate them. But on the eve of his birthday, Nicholas gets a very strange gift, an invitation to participate in a certain event called - Game. He promised that the participation in the game will bring back the thrill, porasteryannuyu jaded over the years of existence. And just entered the game, the protagonist realizes that his life is at stake, and not the fact that a victory will keep it.

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