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The Negotiator / Переговорщик  (1998)

The Negotiator / Переговорщик (1998)

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"Under siege,against the clock...A deadly battle of wits" ******* "В осаде, на время ... смертельная битва умов" Negotiator - it's the cop who negotiates with terrorists or criminals, who have taken hostages. Danny Roumen - one of the best negotiators in Chicago. One of his team-mate and close friend tells Danny that the Fund for the disabled, a board member who was himself Roumen, stealing money, and he knows who is behind this. That man turned out to Terrence Naybaum of department of internal investigations. When a friend named Danny meeting to tell him all the details of the case, he was shot dead by unknown. The next day, Danny is accused of his murder. Roumen realizes that he was framed and now has no chance to prove his innocence, so he takes Terrence and three other people hostage ...


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