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The Dark Knight / Темный рыцарь (2008)

The Dark Knight / Темный рыцарь (2008)

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In the city there was a criminal mastermind known as the Joker. The makeup covers his disfigured face. The Joker pulls off an ingenious bank robbery. Bruce Wayne, aka Batman continues his fight against the criminals. At a gathering of gangsters Gambol announces reward for the head of a clown. The Joker comes to Gambol and tells the story about how his father killed his mother, and how father made him "smile" by cutting the mouth. After the Joker kills Gambol. This resulted in the mass murder of civilians. The Joker mercilessly attacking people calling for Batman to remove his mask. The clown wants to see the world on fire, he played with people and Batman like puppets, blackmailing and killing...

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