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Men in Black 2 / Люди в черном 2 (2002)

Men in Black 2 / Люди в черном 2 (2002)

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Since then, as agents of the organization tracking aliens averted an intergalactic disaster, five years have passed. Agent Kay returned to civilian life while agent Jay continued to work for a secret organization. Jay discovers a conspiracy of evil kalteanlage monster Serleena, taking the form of models of lingerie. Now he must convince Kay to return to the Men in black before the Earth is destroyed. Laura is a witness to a crime Serleena. Instead of erase her memory, Jay begins to protect her. It is, after all, is Polubotok the light of Zartha, which now needs to go back to Zart, in her own world. Agent Kay shows Jay a huge aliens who live in similar to our world, and puts forward the theory that our universe is in the storage room of the railway station.

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