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Butterfly on a Wheel / Выкуп (2007)

Butterfly on a Wheel / Выкуп (2007)

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Neil Randall owns a small business, he spends a lot of time at work to provide for his family. His wife Abby is doing her favorite thing - she's a free photographer. This is a typical average family. The most important thing in their life is Sophie's growing daughter. Their life is comfortable and comfortable, they are happy. But in an instant everything abruptly changes after the unknown kidnaps Sophie. The criminal demands ransom for it, but not in monetary form. Its main condition is that Neil and Abby, within twenty-four hours, must obey him in everything. He forces them to commit risky acts and constantly feel panic and fear. Step by step the criminal destroys their happy family life, and all this does not for the sake of money...

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