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Bad Boys / Плохие парни (1995)

Bad Boys / Плохие парни (1995)

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Police Detectives of Miami, Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowrey - the exact opposite of a friend. Burnett - an exemplary family man, brings up three children, barely making ends meet. Lowrey, by contrast, is rich and fully enjoys all the benefits of bachelorhood. They are not only partners, but also true friends. One day a group of bandits kidnapped a large batch of heroin from the police depot costing 100 million dollars. For Marcus and Mike, this is a strong blow, as these drugs were seized in the biggest affair of their career. A new task for team-mates is to catch this group, otherwise the site where the guys have worked for more than one year will be closed. To accomplish this task, friends will have to swap places...

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