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Under Siege (Nico 5) / В осаде (Захват) (Нико 5) (1992)

Under Siege (Nico 5) / В осаде (Захват) (Нико 5) (1992)

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A group of professional mercenaries whose leader is former CIA agent William Strannix, hijacks a U.S. Navy battleship Missouri to kidnap Tomahawk cruise missiles with a nuclear warhead. Helping them to seize the battleship Chief Officer Krill. After the operation was successfully carried out, a group of mercenaries planning to load missiles on a submarine, so after some time sell them on the black market. But on their way there is an unexpected obstacle - the ship's cook Casey Ryback, who was a former commando and an expert on terrorist operations. He manages to escape from the guards and he proceeds to eliminate the criminals one by one. Ryback manages to report to the Navy headquarters about the situation.

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