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Cliffhanger / Скалолаз (1993)

Cliffhanger / Скалолаз (1993)

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Gabe Walker - rescuer and climber, who as a result of the accident loses friend Sarah. He blames himself for the death of the girl and wants to end climbing. But an urgent call comes that requires the aid of climbers in distress. Gabe goes to help his partner Hal, which no longer wants to work with him, as is blaming the other for the death of his beloved Sarah. It turned out that in fact the signal was coming from the gang Eric Qualen who tried to steal a large sum of money transported by air. Cuisine managed to enlist the support of one of the agents of the Ministry of Finance - Richard Travers. But the second agent during transport, sensed something was wrong and tried to disarm Travers...


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