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Casino / Казино (1995)

Casino / Казино (1995)

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The main character is Sam Rothstein. No one can compare with him, no one can make money like he does. Sam self-denying and accurate workaholic. For his diligence and dignity, the protagonist received the nickname "Ace". And his nominal mafia bosses decided to send to Las Vegas, to fill the chic casino. And to Ace no one interfered with the work, he was sent to his best friend. It was Nicky Santoro, an inveterate gangster and a ruthless thug. A new place of work for Ace's soul. He, as always with brilliance, does his job. The casino is booming, the oceans of money are coming into the pockets of the mafia. In this city, gangsters bought everyone, and the courts, police and city officials. It seemed nothing could overshadow the work of Sam. But fate decreed otherwise. And Sam's indestructible business was destroyed by trampling in the blood and tragedy ...


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