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Everything Must Go / Всё путем! (2010)

Everything Must Go / Всё путем! (2010)

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Nick Halsey lives the life of an ordinary citizen, his every day is like the previous one. However, at one point his life abruptly rolled down the slope. It all started with the fact that when he came to work, Nick finds out about his dismissal. The company decided to dismiss an alcoholic employee, despite the fact that he had worked in it for sixteen years. In addition, after approaching his house, he sees his things scattered on the lawn. To get inside the house Nick could not, because his wife changed all the locks and went somewhere. She also decided to abandon her husband and put him out of the house, blocking his bank account. Nick remains sitting on the lawn, drinking the beer, which he bought for the remaining money. He has very little time to sell his things and start a new life, because according to the laws of their city, a yard sale can not last more than five days...

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