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Batman Returns / Бэтмен возвращается (1992)

Batman Returns / Бэтмен возвращается (1992)

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The plot of the film begins with the history of one family, where a boy with ugliness was born. This newborn had flippers instead of hands. The family decided to get rid of the child and throws it into the river. The boy gets on education to the penguins living in the sewer. After 33 years, now the Penguin Man decides to take over the city. In order to implement his plan, Penguin organizes an alliance with the largest industrial company, whose director is Max Shreck. At the same time, Max kills his curious secretary, but it is returned to life by street cats. Now in the city there is also a half-girl - half-cat. Having set out to revenge her murderer, she goes to the streets of the city. And only Commissioner Gordon and the super hero Batman continue to resist crime ...


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