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Crossroads / Перекресток (1986)

Crossroads / Перекресток (1986)

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Of course, the best scene in the tape is Eugene's musical duel with rock guitarist Jack Butler, the protege of the Devil himself, fighting for the soul of an African-American. Amazingly, simply bewitching sounds the music of Ry Cooder. Musical wisdom says: "Blues - this is when a good person is bad." Eugene Marton, a seventeen-year-old teenager from Long Island, is not that bad, but he still dreams of becoming a famous bluesman. Eugene from six years of playing the guitar, but the teachers make him perform classical works, to which the boy does not have a soul. He has a shabby hat, a guitar that has seen the kind and an irrepressible desire to do what he likes. And then Eugene accidentally finds out that the legendary bluesman Willie Brown, who once had a friendship with another legend of the genre, Robert Johnson, is quietly and peacefully living in a nursing home nearby.


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