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We Bought a Zoo / Мы купили зоопарк (2011)

We Bought a Zoo / Мы купили зоопарк (2011)

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One British family was very indifferent to animals and learning that next to them is an abandoned zoo they decided to save it. All family funds went to buy land and buildings and bring the zoo into a normal state. But despite the difficulties, it only united the family even more and brought salvation to hundreds of animals.On November 26, 2011 the premiere of a very bright and kind film about people and animals was held. The painting was shot entirely in the US by director Cameron Crowe, who also acted as one of the authors of the script. The main roles were invited to Hollywood celebrities like Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson. As a result, we got an excellent family drama, full of kind humor. During the rental in the world, this film has already collected not a small sum for the creators, about $ 100 million. The real basis for the picture was the memoirs of Benjamin Mee, in which he talks about his zoo and what works he had to rebuild it.For greater success, the American public had to "move" the zoo from England to California - it was agreed with the author of the memoirs by Benjamin Mee. However, the structure of the zoo and the location of the main sections remained unchanged and completely repeat the structure of the original.

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