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The Punisher /  Каратель (2004)

The Punisher / Каратель (2004)

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Frank Castle, a former employee of Delta Force operative, went to work for the FBI as an undercover agent. During one of the operations, he becomes responsible for the death Bobby Saint, the son of a well-known criminal leader Howard Saint. Saint orders an order to destroy Castle and his entire family. Saint's bandits is able to kill the whole family Castle, but he manages to escape. After returning to life, Frank only waits for when the day of reckoning with Saint will come. Frank begins studying the life of Saint in a thorough way, in every way putting him in the wheel. Frank even possible to substitute his wife and best friend forcing Saint believe they're lovers, and then he kills them both. Now Howard is left with no time to wait - Castle is ready to do his justice.

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