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Overboard / За бортом (1987)

Overboard / За бортом (1987)

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The plot of the film tells us about the main character - Joanna Stayton, a powerful, narcissistic and arrogant woman whose husband is the owner of the yacht. When one day a yacht stops for repairs in a small town, Joanna hires a carpenter named Dean Proffitt. Dean has to make Joanna a new locker. Since the errant lady is very rarely satisfied with something in her life, she does not give any payment to Dean for his work. He leaves with nothing. But then the events change dramatically. Joanna falls overboard her yacht, and loses memory. Dean, by all means, should take advantage of this situation. He convinces Joanna that she is his wife Annie and takes her to her house. Now Johanna should live in a far from luxurious apartment, become the wife of an eternally displeased husband and mother of four children.

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