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Leon / Леон (1994)

Leon / Леон (1994)

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The story of the film tells of a murderer named Leon. He is a cold-blooded and invulnerable Italian killer. Lives alone. In his spare time he goes to the movies, preferring to watch musicals, cares for his flower and exercises. Once on the landing, Leon watches the scene where his little neighbor passes by his apartment with a cold-faced face and rings at his door. At that time, all the members of the family were brutally murdered in the apartment of the neighbor. Realizing that the girl will now be killed, Leon opens the door for her. Now Mathilda lives with the killer and learns all the subtleties of this profession, gaining confidence and gaining experience in a new craft, to sooner or later take revenge on the murderer who killed the only and most beloved family member - brother ...

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