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Chocolat / Шоколад (2000)

Chocolat / Шоколад (2000)

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A small French town lives a measured and calm life, where absolutely nothing foretells any changes. But one fine day in the town there are two new residents - Vianne and her charming 6-year-old daughter Anouk. Vianne opens a shop of sweets, where he prepares excellent chocolate, literally guessing the tastes of his customers. Soon, the visitors of the chocolate shop begin to guess that Viannes sweets have unique properties - previously hostile neighbors begin to understand that they quarreled in vain and that they were tired of the old way of the town. But such developments do not suit the mayor at all, who is worried that his unquestionable authority can collapse. And Vianne, meanwhile, meets a man who can guess her wishes ...

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