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Omen 3 : The Final Conflict / Омен 3 : Последний конфликт (1981)

Omen 3 : The Final Conflict / Омен 3 : Последний конфликт (1981)

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The leader of the secret monastic order manages to get daggers, with the help of which you can kill the Antichrist Damien Thorn. Now Damien became the head of the world corporation "Thorn." He becomes aware that soon the baby Jesus will appear in England. Soon Damien becomes US Ambassador to the UK. In England, he meets a journalist Kate Reynolds, with whom he has a relationship. Great interest Damien shows to her thirteen-year-old son Peter. Meanwhile, the order equips its novices, who will have to deal with the Antichrist. But their mission fails and everyone is dead, except for one, Peter, whom Damien lured to his side. Now Damien is going to kill the baby Jesus.

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