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Evolution / Эволюция (2001)

Evolution / Эволюция (2001)

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Ira Kane, a biology teacher, together with her fellow geologist, took up the study of the meteorite that had fallen in the desert of Arizona. In the samples studied, they found living single-celled organisms, which very quickly multiply and mutate into multicellular organisms, and then into animals. Evolution was rapidly continuing and dinosaurs returned to Earth, and previously unprecedented forms of life appeared. When this became known to the authorities, the scientists unsuccessfully tried to destroy the place where the meteorite fell. They filled the fire truck with Head & Shoulders shampoo, as one of the ingredients, namely selenium sulphide, could stop the aliens, and tried to get ahead of the military. But we did not have time. Because of the heat released as a result application of napalm, the alien creature began to grow rapidly ...

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