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Alpha Dog / Альфа Дог (2006)

Alpha Dog / Альфа Дог (2006)

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The life of the usual American drug dealer of the late 90's Johnny Truelove flows in its turn. Marijuana, booze, beautiful girls, sex and crazy parties - that's all that fills his existence. Once in his group there are problems. After one of the members of the gang could not make the deal, it turns out to Johnny a large sum of money. Johnny kidnaps this guy's brother Zack. Outwardly it looks like an innocent party in the company of friends, but when one of the girls finds out that this is a kidnapping, it tries to convince everyone that it needs to be stopped. The rest of the party members and Zack himself do not take her words seriously, continuing the fun. Meanwhile, Johnny realizes that a serious threat looms over him - he faces life sentence for kidnapping ...

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