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Fast Five / Форсаж 5 (2011)

Fast Five / Форсаж 5 (2011)

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American crime thriller, with which Original Film and Universal did not fail, having chosen Justin Lin as the director's chair. He was able to bring the film to a new level and make it better than all the previous parts. The militant pleased with the amazing paint of music, beautiful machines and fantastic action. Also the film was pleased with the cast of actors, in which all the actors of the previous parts were assembled. It turned out a film that is pleasant to view repeatedly, while receiving a lot of fun!According to the plot of the movie, the quarrel between Brian O'Conner and Dom Toretto has already been forgotten. And they again continue their criminal activities, while carefully observe all precautions. Having committed another crime, the gang is forced to move to another area, so as not to give the police any chance to track down themselves.

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