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The Infiltrator / Афёра под прикрытием (2016)

The Infiltrator / Афёра под прикрытием (2016)

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The film takes place in the eighties of the last century. Robert Mazur is an FBI agent who specializes in undercover work. He quietly communicates with various representatives of the criminal world, without causing them any suspicion. His whole life is a great legend, in which it is already difficult to make out where the truth is, and where the fiction. Having received another order from his leadership, Bob Mazur must infiltrate Pablo Escobar's entourage in order to uncover the money laundering scheme and destroy the world's largest drug empire. To help him in this will be partner Emir Abreu, who is also one of the best agents under cover. Selecting dummy names and developing another legend, agents begin an operation that becomes the most difficult in their entire career, because one single mistake can lead to a complete failure ...

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