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The Lucky One / Счастливчик (2012)

The Lucky One / Счастливчик (2012)

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Logan Thibault conducted three military campaigns in Iraq and managed to return from there unharmed. At home, it is very difficult for a guy to adapt to a peaceful environment and a new life does not make him happy. Logan decides to go in search of a beautiful girl, whose photo he accidentally found in the war in Iraq, and since then it has become his talisman. Now Logan is quite sure that he needs to find this stranger and thank her for everything. The guy goes on a journey and after a while he managed to find his mysterious beauty. She was a girl named Beth, who owns a shelter for dogs and lives with her son from her first marriage. Her ex-husband often pestered her and did not want to leave her alone.

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Супер! Очень понравился фильм!
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