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The Fifth Element / Пятый элемент  (1997)

The Fifth Element / Пятый элемент (1997)

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The film's story about the events that occur on the ground every five millennia. Opens the gates between the dimensions and from there creep dark evil forces that are trying to destroy the world. In this period the fate of mankind has always depended on the presence of the hero, who will be able to confront and destroy the forces of evil. To win, the hero must collect all the five elements. This film became the most expensive project in the history of French cinema cinematography. Not surprising the audience and the fact that the picture was even a script written by the director in the school years. Fantastic film will be enjoyed practically all spectators.
The film takes us into the 23 century. At high speed to the planet Earth is approaching a glowing ball - a concentration of evil forces. At this time, the New York taxi named Corwin Dallas makes a strange but very beautiful girl, leaped into his taxi. Dallas makes a charming Lila was the name of a Woman, to break away from his pursuers. The taxi driver drove the stranger to the priest Vito Cornelius. The taxi driver Corwin Dallas still has no idea that his head fell great responsibility - to save the whole race of mankind ...


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