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Central Intelligence / Полтора шпиона (2016)

Central Intelligence / Полтора шпиона (2016)

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Добавлено: 19-02-2017, 02:28
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Before the meeting of graduates of an ordinary accountant, who in school was one of the most popular guys, decided to find their classmates in the social network. Stumbled on photos of Bob on that in the childhood often joked that he added him as a friend, not knowing where will it all end for him. Who would have thought that a former fat loser, will be a real mountain with a pile of muscles, but still one of the best CIA agents. Against his will, a humble accountant is part of a dangerous game, out of which it is simply impossible. Fortunately, his partner is Bob, who used to handle the most complex tasks...


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  • am1go
  • 20 февраля 2017 07:56
Так себе мне не нравится а сайт отличный так держать молодцы
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