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Behind Enemy Lines / В тылу врага (2001)

Behind Enemy Lines / В тылу врага (2001)

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Chris Burnett, a young U.S. marine Lieutenant wants to retire, but he has a conflict occurs on this basis, with the group commander Admiral Leslie Reigart. Reigart enraged by this unexpected decision and sends a crew of Burnett on a reconnaissance flight. During the flight, Burnett observes on the radar of strange military activity, so a little detour on the course to shoot a suspicious place. The Burnett manages to capture on film a military camp with fighters General Miroslav Lokar. In the end, the plane is shot down by missiles, Burnett is trying to escape and get out of the conflict zone, but behind him there is a bounty hunter Sasha. Admiral Reigart doing everything to assemble a rescue team and return to his student alive.

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