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Legionnaire / Легионер (1998)

Legionnaire / Легионер (1998)

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1925 year. Alain Lefevre, the boxing champion, must lose the fight with one of the rivals at the direction of the local mafia boss Galgani. Alain agrees, deciding immediately after the fight to flee to America with his brother Maxim and the mistress of the boss Katrina. But during the fight, Lefevre does not stand up to the enemy's ridicule and sends him into a knockout, after which he tries to escape. But the people of Galgani manage to overtake him and kill his brother. Now Lefevre is hunted not only by gangsters, but also by the police, so it is almost impossible to hide. Lefevre sees no other way out than to enroll in the French Foreign Legion and go to Morocco, where the Rif war is taking place at this time. Recruits have to go through a cruel drill.


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