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Prison Break (3 Season) / Побег (3 Сезон) (2007)

Prison Break (3 Season) / Побег (3 Сезон) (2007)

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Michael, T-Bag, Bellick and Mahone are imprisoned in the Sona prison. Lincoln is trying to figure out how to help his brother. Susan B. Anthony (Gretchen Morgan), a spokeswoman for The Company, concludes with Lincoln that Michael will help Whistler escape from prison. At the same time, he blackmails his video recording, from which it is clear that Sarah and LJ are in their hostages. Mahone wants to become Michael's friend and in a rigged battle helps Michael avoid death by stabbing in the back. Bellick drains the toilets and in the basement, where they take out the garbage, across the wall meets a stranger who asks for food to give his note to Michael. T-Bag becomes an assistant to Lechero, an unofficial prison king.

3 Season, 1 Episode

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