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The Neverending Story / Бесконечная история  (1984)

The Neverending Story / Бесконечная история (1984)

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Ten-year boy named Bastian lives with her father after her mother's death. At school, he is not very good student and is constantly about something dreams, it becomes a cause for ridicule among my classmates. The boy did not stop to think about his mother and can not come to terms with her death. Once Bastian enters the second-hand bookshop, where he takes a book The Neverending Story. In this amazing work describes dreamland fantasy, where all residents were faced with the threat of destruction since nothing is gradually absorb the country. Queen Fantasy terminally ill, and the boy in search of drugs Atreus sent for her. Soon Bastian realizes that he was involved in the magical world of fairy tales.


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