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Sully / Чудо на Гудзоне (2016)

Sully / Чудо на Гудзоне (2016)

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Добавлено: 12-12-2016, 02:12
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15 Jan 2009 there has been an incredible event, dubbed "miracle on the Hudson". Then captain Chesley Sullenberger "Sully" managed to land the malfunctioning aircraft on water. On Board the A320 there were 155 passengers, and none of them was hurt, what did the captain of this national hero. However, despite all the accolades from the public and the media, the government has begun an internal investigation, which threatened the professional reputation Chesley and his long career. For the experienced pilot began a very difficult time with constant questioning, after which he begins to think of the correctness of their actions...


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