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Red Dog / Рыжий пёс (2011)

Red Dog / Рыжий пёс (2011)

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The West Australian city of Dampier is a city of miners, and this means that life here is not particularly interesting and eventful. Local residents are not very sociable, lead a solitary life and are used to the fact that they have nothing to rejoice. Everything changed when one from families living in Dampier, noticed on the road a red dog breed Australian Kelpie . Stopping, they decided the fate of the dog, and the fate of the whole city: the dog jumped to their car and refused to leave.With the advent of a new tenant in Dampier, much has changed: he was the only one who managed to stir miners and give them a little joy and fun. The dog very soon became a universal favorite, which was absolutely in no way inferior to other inhabitants of the town. He achieved for himself the right to ride a bus, he chose an excellent master, with whom he remained until the very end, and eventually even joined the trade union of miners. He took a very special place in the hearts of the locals, so it was not easy to part with him.

"Sometimes you pick the dog. Sometimes the dog picks you."

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