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Friends (2 season) / Друзья (2 сезон) (1995)

Friends (2 season) / Друзья (2 сезон) (1995)

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This series was released in 1995, became a cult and won the hearts of many thousands of people. It consists of ten seasons, each of which is interesting and filled with a variety of fun scenes. Some of the main characters are Ross and Rachel they have known each other for a long time, but they can not find a common language like that. But because of what are all these conflicts? Young, beautiful and slightly insane, Rachel understands that an independent life is not easy. Because of this, she even committed a mad act - she ran away from her own wedding. Even rich parents can not cope with Rachel. The will of chance brought her with Ross, who was the best friend of her childhood. Sister Ross, Monica invited the girl to live with them. From this moment the most interesting events begin that will make Rachel look at life in a different way ..

2 Season, 1 Episode

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