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Hitch / Правила съема: Метод Хитча (2005)

Hitch / Правила съема: Метод Хитча (2005)

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His name is Alex "Hitch" Hitchens, he became a legend of New York, with the help of his unique technique, hundreds of pairs were introduced. Thanks to him and his knowledge, many men were able to achieve their ideal second half, but Hitch works not for free, but takes a decent fee for his services, but hides his sources of income from everyone. His new client is fat Albert, a very shy and shy accountant who is madly in love with the star of the local beau Allegra Cole. Alex resolutely takes this case, realizing that this will be one of the most difficult cases in his practice, but that will confront him will be very impudent shark pen Sara Melas, leading a secular chronicle in the city's central newspaper. This acquaintance will prove fatal for both, Hitch will understand that his whole technique is already past and Sara should become his second half, but the journalist herself will come close to opening the whole city to the name of the chief pimp.

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