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Friends (6 season) / Друзья (6 сезон) (1999)

Friends (6 season) / Друзья (6 сезон) (1999)

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The main characters of the series "Friends" of the 6th Season gradually place priorities in their lives and highlight the main thing in it. Rachel and Ross wake up in the morning in the same bed, and and later learn that they married last night. Ross assures Rachel that he annulled the marriage, and she should not be so upset. In fact, they are still married. But Phoebe tells the truth to Rachel. Chandler and Monica decide to postpone the wedding, but they want to try to live together. Chandler tells Joey about his move, but Joey is against it. Joey thinks that if Chandler lives with Monica, then their friendship may be shaken, but Chandler dissuades him. Rachel is very positive about the fact that Monica and Chandler are going to come together and she moves into Phoebe's apartment. Joey, meanwhile, settles in Janine, an Australian dancer. The girl, however, can not find a common language with Joe's friends, and they decide to part. After that, Joey arranges an administrator at the Central Coffee Shop, but throws it for the role in the new series.

6 Season, 1 Episode

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