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Breaking Bad (2 season) / Во все тяжкие (2сезон) (2009)

Breaking Bad (2 season) / Во все тяжкие (2сезон) (2009)

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Walter White is captured by an insane thug from Mexico, together with the former teacher of chemistry in the hands of Tuco was his partner in the drug business, Jesse. Tuco wants to take associates in Mexico to those engaged in the production of meth for his criminal organization. The situation is saved by Walter's brother-in-law Hank, working in the Office for the fight against drugs. He tracks down Tuco and frees the hostages. However, after returning home, Walter managed to convince the wife that went to work in another state, the woman began to suspect your husband that he's started to hide something bad.

2 Season, 1 Episode

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