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Breaking Bad (3 season) / Во все тяжкие (3 сезон) (2010)

Breaking Bad (3 season) / Во все тяжкие (3 сезон) (2010)

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Walter will have a serious conversation with Skyler. She claims that she knows everything and Walt has to admit that he is a drug dealer. Skyler replies that he is not going to put up with this and wants to divorce him. Native Skyler and Walt do not understand the true cause of the quarrel between the spouses, because of which the relationship becomes strained. Jesse after the death Jane undergoes a rehabilitation course and goes to the support group. Walter gives him his share of the money from the sold to Gus methamphetamine. Walt also says that he lost his family because of his double life and refuses to cooperate with Gus. In the meantime, the border is crossed by two Mexicans who, apparently, have some kind of scores with Walter White and want to kill him.

3 Season, 1 Episode

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