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The Godfather: Part 2 / Крёстный отец 2 (1974)

The Godfather: Part 2 / Крёстный отец 2 (1974)

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Don Corleone was born in Corleone. All people considered his underdeveloped. When the boy was nine years old his father was killed by the local mafiosi Don Ciccio. To avoid revenge, the boy was sent to America, where a fateful event gives him a name that will then be known to the whole world. The young man settled in New York, here he works in a local store, marries and takes his first steps into the gangland, helping to steal a local thief. The family of Carleone is growing and becoming authoritative. Now the old Ciccio will be killed, but this is not the last act of the local mafia ...

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