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Leaving Las Vegas / Покидая Лас-Вегас (1995)

Leaving Las Vegas / Покидая Лас-Вегас (1995)

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Ben borrows money from his colleague and friend Peter, after which he goes to a bar to get drunk. The next morning, Ben is fired, he sets fire to his house, selling all the shares and valuables. Now he is heading to Las Vegas, where he soon meets a girl named Sera. A spark jumps between them and an inexplicable feeling arises. Sera is a prostitute who has a rather tough relationship with her pimp Yuri. But after a while the girl gets freedom after Yuri found out that Russian gangsters are following in his footsteps. Ben and Sera start living together and agree that Sera will not ask Ben to stop drinking, and he, in turn, will not mind her prostitution.

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