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Gattaka / Гаттака  (1997)

Gattaka / Гаттака (1997)

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Andrew Niccol took off in 1997, a great fantasy film. Many will say that it is fantastic for this in which so few special effects. But that is the whole point, is not yet forgotten how to do really quality cinema relying on actors and a brilliant script. The painting reveals to us the possibilities of the human body, and most importantly what man walking purposefully toward his dream. It is recommended that you view this film, to raise the self-belief.
Briefly about the plot of the picture. Not far into the future. The world has changed slightly. The most important thing has changed people's attitude towards children. Now the child is not the fruit of love and carefully selected and genetically perfectly shaped object. And those who have not undergone genetic modification of the scum of the world. They are not available to the higher rungs of society. Vincent Freeman since childhood dream of the stars. But the way to space closed to him. He is an ordinary man with poor eyesight and perfect health. But the guy does not live bendable spirit of a winner ...


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