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Cruel Intentions / Жестокие игры  (1999)

Cruel Intentions / Жестокие игры (1999)

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Sebastian Valmont and his half-sister Kathryn Merteuil - typical representatives of the "golden youth" in New York. Sebastian - handsome thief and the girls' hearts, fun that entices many girls, and then throws them, describing their own adventures in a personal diary. Catherine is interested in the fact that a variety of weaves intrigue. Brother and sister combined ambition and cynicism. Sebastian finds another innocent victim - the daughter of the college director Annette, but the situation is complicated by the fact that the girl is going to keep her virginity until the wedding. Then Katherine asked to take a bet: if Sebastian seduce Annette, then Katherine give herself to him, otherwise the guy will give her your expensive "Jaguar". Sebastian begins to carry out his plan of seduction ...


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