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Rocky 2 / Рокки 2 (1979)

Rocky 2 / Рокки 2 (1979)

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The release of the second part of the movie due to the success of the first pattern was predetermined. 3 years later in 1979, Stallone displays on the screens continued. Now he sits in the Director's chair. And of course the main role, too, for him. The picture opens a new page in the life of an Italian boxer. New picture Stallone has already collected 7 million dollars. While in the world hire the tape earned 85 million, not bad adding skinny wallet "Italian stallion".
Briefly about the plot. Rocky lost in points his fight Apollo Creed, but survived all of the allotted 15 rounds. It brought fame boxer from the suburbs not known in wider circles. Now rocky has a chance to stop Boxing and indulge in the pleasures of a quiet life. But as it turns out life outside the ring is not for Balboa. Despite the violent protests of the wife, rocky accepts a new challenge Apollo. Creed is in great shape and fully recovered from the inflicted lesions. He is burning with desire to revenge for the former offense. Begins his training and Balboa. All in the same old room, with old machines and Jogging on the outskirts of the city. What will give us the final battle?...


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