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Mr. Church / Мистер Чёрч (2016)

Mr. Church / Мистер Чёрч (2016)

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The film is based on a real story, the witness which became a screenwriter was Susan Mcmartin. In 1964, the United States officially at the state level with the enactment of the Civil Rights act was declared unconstitutional such a shameful for a civilized country, the phenomenon of segregation (the forced separation of the black population). Six years later and the main events. Mother Marie Brody learns of his cancer and is very worried about his 10-year-old daughter, which no one else in this world. At this time it comes to cook black Mr Church, who asked the former lover of Mary. Little Charlie, educated in the spirit of racism, at first very negatively met a new employee. She was outspoken in his disdain for the dark skinned cook, do not hesitate emotions, and he, in turn, meekly endured. After six years, Mary still died, but this time gradually, Charlotte and Mr. Church became closer and became friends. He was able to replace the girl not only father, but is now a mother. The girl grew up and realized that skin color had no bearing on the relationship between people who have become not just friends but a family.


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