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Beyond the Reach / Игра на выживание ( вне досягаемости ) (2014)

Beyond the Reach / Игра на выживание ( вне досягаемости ) (2014)

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Ben is a young guy who is one of the best trackers in the entire county. Once he receives an advantageous offer to become a guide for a certain Madec, who obtained permission to hunt ahead of time. Without hesitation, he agrees to this work, and they go to the desert. However, during the hunt, Madec accidentally kills a local resident. About this Ben wants to inform the sheriff. But his companion is categorically against this, since he can lose everything if his competitors learn about the incident. Realizing that Ben can reveal his secret, Madec leaves him in the desert, without water and food, hoping that he will not be able to survive. However, the guy is not as simple as it might seem at first glance...

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