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Se7en / Семь  (1995)

Se7en / Семь (1995)

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High quality representative of classic American thriller released in 1995 brought considerable fame actors starring in it, and made to rest on the laurels of director David Fincher. The film has been involved much now famous actors who, through this movie film made a big leap in the actor's world elite. Cinema turned Spine consciousness and makes the viewer think about many things. The film carries a deep semantic component, which is very pleasing especially when compared to modern film punching. History shows us from the face of the American veteran detective - William Somerset. Only a week remains at the famed detective before the well-deserved rest. But as always, especially when a person that does not fall down waiting for Somerset trouble. There is a terrible murder, and who does not like to do the most experienced detective its disclosure, but not so simple. In a couple of bloodhound give fledgling and inner instinct tells you that this murder is the latest, but only the beginning of the chain ...


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